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Drowning in Blessings – My Many Hats

Drowning in Blessings

Is that possible? YES!

Here I sit a 39 year old woman with a husband, 6 children, a beautiful home, more farm animals than I can count, a wonderful church family, food in my fridge, and finances to handle it all!

If I would have written this 2 years ago I could claim all of the same things except the finances part. At the time, my family was relying on nothing but our faith in the Lord. I remember visiting food banks once a week to feed my family. I remember my amazing gardens that we ate from. I had a ball butchering pigs to put in the freezer, and I couldn’t wait to throw the other half on the grill so we could have a pig pickin’ with all of our friends and neighbors. I remember 3 years of brutally, hot NC summers and the bitter cold winters with no heating or air conditioning.

More than the struggles, I remember God’s blessings! I remember how happy we were to get our 1910 farm house on 5 acres of land. Standing by my sink I could watch the kids zip line over the mud pit and fall in on purpose. Watching children enjoy nature and realize things about the world they never knew was amazing. I remember being 2 months behind on bills and the Lord putting my youngest 5 children in private school. What about the time I was trying to feed my pigs for free and the Lord gave me enough bread and snacks to feed over 100 families a week for a year. I used to love to come home and find boxes of food on my door step just waiting for me to share with those around me. Every time I gave my last $20 bill to that person I knew needed it more than me, I remember the financial provision dropping in my lap.

Most people would think that my current status means I am blessed beyond measure. I must have been a good and faithful servant to be sitting in this new beautiful house and my businesses doing so good. But what does being blessed really mean????? Is it the money we have, the car we drive, the house we live in, and the vacations we take? I think the blessing comes in the basics!

I was blessed with parents that taught me to Love the Lord at an early age! I was blessed to find a husband who adores me from the inside out! I was blessed to birth healthy, happy beautiful children! Most of all, I WAS BLESSED TO GO THOUGH 15 YEARS OF TROUBLE! I was blessed to struggle

You see, it was the 15 years of barely scraping by that taught me it would be ok! There is nothing my God can’t do! There is nothing in this world that can compare to the amazing things God WILL do when we get out of the way! I was able to build my faith for 15 years to a point that no man can shake!

Now I sit here with an abundance. I do hope that the Lord is allowing me to be a steward of all he has so I can be a blessing to those around me every day. I constantly check myself to make sure this is his will and not my own. I don’t want to get caught up in what the world defines as success and BLESSED because I know it is so much more than that!

One more thing…..we have to make sure that the enemy does not distract us while we are in our season. Sometimes the very things that COME FROM GOD are the same things the enemy uses to DISTRACT US FROM GOD!

Why am I drowning? I have more blessings than I know what to do with! I hope I am able to be a blessing to those around me!